Area 16 Competitions


As a BRC affiliated riding club we are welcomed to enter British Riding Club ‘Area’ qualifying competitions.

Our club is based in Area 16 so these are the qualifying competitions we enter to enable us to compete against other riding clubs within the area 16 network. Each competition class/section allows a minimum of 1 team or individual to qualify for the BRC championships in that discipline; representing HDRC- For example our intermediate showjumping senior team won their 1 meter qualifier at Arena UK and achieved qualification to the Winter showjumping championships at Bury Farm to compete against other qualified clubs throughout the country.

BRC hold several different championships throughout the year, below are a few videos to highlight what you could expect at one of them….


Choosing to enter one of our area qualifiers

Any of the up-coming area 16 qualifiers are listed on our events calendar. There are a couple of entry requirements you should be able to meet before being accepted to take part.

  1. Your horses vaccinations MUST be administered to BRC rules. If they are not correct then you will be turned away from the event and be unable to compete. BRC are very strict when it comes to horses vaccinations, more so than any other equine sport body. There is an automated vaccination checker available in our links at the bottom of this website and the rules can also be found in the rule book which is available as a download on the BRC website.

  2. As a club we have to provide help on the day. Everyone associated with HDRC are volunteers and in order to make it fair for everyone no entries for area competitions will be accepted without a nominated helper. This can be yourself before/after you have ridden, or a member of your party on your behalf. The jobs vary for each competition and can include pole picking, stewarding or car parking etc. Everything is easy to do and all the clubs participating have to provide help.

  3. Please familiarise yourself with permitted tack and clothing rules. British showjumping, British eventing and British riding club rules all differ so please give the rule book a quick check to make sure you and your horse are ‘legal’. If you are unsure after doing this, feel free to ask the chef d’equip for your event to clarify anything for you.

Lastly, competing at an area competition is tremendous amounts of fun. They are 95% team competition based and it allows you to take part in your favourite disciplines with the help and support of other team members. It is a great way to meet new friends and gain experience at all levels. If you are new to this and un-sure; come along for the day on foot and familiarise yourself with what happens.

Our club area co-ordinator is Liz Horner, please feel free to contact her with any queries or questions you may have. All contacts can be found on the committee page of this website.